Physiotherapy – Den Haag



The symptoms for which our patients wish to be treated are very diverse:
– Pain
– Loss of physical strength
– breathing problems
– Swollen body parts and restriction in movement.
– The problems could have been caused during sports, work, due to ageing, or an accident.
A physiotherapist advises, guides, and offers a treatment in cases of distortion in body posture and/or moving. For example, injuries of muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints. Also consequences of distortions in the functioning of the nerve system, veins, lungs, heart, and skin can be treated by a Physiotherapist.

Physiotherapy is a treatment for the body which before had to be indicated by a doctor or medical specialist but since 2006 it is freely accessible. A treatment can serve as guidance. In this case the physiotherapist guides the patient in a specific revalidation process or has an advising role in this.

The treatment can take place in various forms. The most common one is: massage. Through various grips a therapeutic purpose is being reached. This purpose can be: Pain relief, relaxation of the muscles and improvement of the blood circulation.
Apart from that, another part of physiotherapy is remedial therapy or kinesiotherapy. Formerly known as remedial gymnastics. Also with remedial therapy one can reach many goals: strengthening of the muscles, creating more flexibility in the joints, and improvement of the general physical condition. Remedial therapy also consists of therapy to improve the physical position, breathing exercises and relaxation exercises.

Apart from the treatment mentioned above, the physiotherapist also uses equipment. The equipment consists of ultra sound and steam machines.
The Pelvic Physiotherapist also uses biofeedback equipment.

Physiotherapy can be applied to many symptoms. An important category of symptoms is the one of the locomotor apparatus, such as back pain and neck pain, and problems with the joints. The pain may vary from people who are practically disabled to sportsmen who cannot function optimally due to an injury. Furthermore, physiotherapy plays an important role in the revalidation process after an accident or illness.